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Assistant Professor
Attached Department: 
Address (Residence): 



M.Sc.Biotechnology, TamilNadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore


BSc.Ag.College of Agriculture Padanakkad, Kerala agricultural University



Experience                                                                                                                               Duration

  1. Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Kerala Agricultural University  07/03/2019  -  Till continuing
  2. Agricultural Officer, Department of Agriculture and Farmers welfare,Kerala           06/11/2017 -06/03/2019                                                                       
  3. Field Officer, Rubber Board                                                                                     30/12/2013- 05/11/2017


Area of Research

Plant Tissue culture, Gene cloning, Protein characterisation



Publications (2012-2018)

2012              -           1

Characterization of parasporin gene harboring Indian isolates of Bacillus thuringiensis3Biotech 4(5):545-551


Projects – 2

1.Seed Production through Micro rhizome Technology in Ginger-On going project

Funded by-Mission for Integrated Development in Horticulture

Salient features of the projects: Seed production of Tissue cultured ginger variety Athira

2.Commercial micropropagation as per National certification system in Plant tissue culture- Run by Revolving fund

Salient features of the projects: Production of good quality tissue culture Nendran Banana seedlings and its distribution to farmers through college farm