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Monitoring Mechanism

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In the modern competent world, it is vital to provide students with quality education with a range of latest technological approaches and inter-disciplinary interactions to shape the learning experience into a highly productive entity. To ensure that the students of CoAP are kept abreast with latest technology in gadgetry and physical facilities, supporting committees are constituted to administer and accomplish the trends in technology and education to make learning a more streamlined experience. The College equips itself with new tools, ranging from social media to flipped learning, and has re-contoured the ways in learning and teaching into a digitized one. Knowledge dissemination is done at the UG level via smart classrooms.  The implementation of smart classroom has piqued the interest of teachers and students and is an opportunity to students for technology-oriented learning. WiFi connectivity is provided in the campus and in the hostels with CeRA access. The connections are constantly monitored with software and personal supervisor on the main server.

CCTVs are installed within the campus for a vigilant surveillance in the interest of student safety. CCTV monitoring is done in examination halls to curb any mal activities during examinations.   All activities are recorded and monitored by the office of the Associate Dean.


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