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National Service Scheme (NSS) sponsored by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt. of India, is an important co-curricular program functioning vigorously in the college. Various programs of the NSS hold aloft the motto of universal brotherhood and the message of selflessness, ‘Not me, but you’.  All undergraduate students enroll automatically as volunteers. Being Agricultural graduates, the volunteers engage actively with different societal sectors and agencies for undertaking food security and improvement of physical environment. Programs such as tree-planting, waste disposal, cleaning and assisting in the rehabilitation work of the disabled and the destitute form the major agenda of the NSS. Apart from such programs of direct benefit for the society, NSS unit also lends their support to college students to improve organizational and soft skills. Apart from these, personality development workshops, leadership development programs, creativity demonstration assignments are also conducted to groom the student volunteers as responsible, productive and effective citizens of the country. Service activities such as blood donation camps and career guidance programs are a normal routine of the scheme.

Noteworthy Activities

  • Each year NSS special camps are arranged such that the volunteers socialize with people in rural areas and undertake community development works as per societal needs.
  • On World Environment Day (05/06/2015), when the NSS volunteers of College of Agriculture, Padannakkad prepared “Harithaveedhi” along the side of highway, inside instructional farm, i.e. from farm office to guest house and trainees’ hostel. Harithaveedhi is a green pathway made by growing trailing plants from both sides forming an arch on the top, providing shade and comfort, 
  • Through the Janayathra program conducted on 03/07/2015, the NSS volunteers identified the sterile portions of  lands within Nileshwar Municipality and prepared blue-prints for starting cultivation of paddy and other crops and
  • Their participation in the creation of ‘Bio-diversity Park’ and a vegetable garden conducted on the  9th and 10th of February, 2018.


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