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Activities of Animal Science Division

The activities of the animal science division include management of livestock farms, the veterinary hospital and the laboratory, along with the management of projects and programmes.


  1. Management of Livestock farms
  1. Dairy(RARS, Pilicode)
  2. Dairy(RARS, Nileswar)
  3. Malabari Goat farm, RARS Pilicode
  4. Kasaragod dwarf  conservation farm, RARS Pilicode


  1. Veterinary hospital
  1. Veterinary and AH works of farm
  2. Veterinary services and consultations to visiting farmers
  1. Laboratory
  1. Diagnostic services
  2. Breeding services to Malabari Goats and Kasaragod dwarf cattle of farmers


  1. Management of projects/ Programmes                                                                         
    1. Conservation and Evaluation of Malabari Goats
    2. Conservation of Kasargod Dwarf Cattle
    3. Revolving fund (Animal Science)


  1. Revolving fund (Animal Science): All activities of the division are financed by this fund.
  1. Sales of livestock(goat, cattle,dwarf); milk and milk products
  2. Production and sale of value added manure- Goat, Dwarf and vermicompost.


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Padannakkad (P.O),
Kasaragod Dt. Kerala 671314