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Plant Breeding and Genetics

UG Lab (Undergraduate lab)

The UG lab of the department of genetics & Plant Breeding is the hub for teaching the practical aspects of Genetics, Cytology, Plant Breeding and Seed Technology to undergraduate students. The range of practical classes covered include mitosis, meiosis, pollen viability estimation, floral biology and hybridization techniques of various crops like cereals, pulses, oil seeds, vegetables, fruits and plantation crops etc. The seed testing and evaluation experiments includes physical purity analysis, germination test, seed viability test, moisture content estimation etc.  The laboratory is well maintained with various dissection and compound microscopes, hot air oven, germinator, purity analysis board, seed divider, refrigerators, pH and EC meters, digital seed moisture meter etc and has all the necessary infrastructure to support the above mentioned practical teaching experiments.

PG Lab (Postgraduate lab)

The Postgraduate lab under Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics is for exclusive use by M.Sc and  PhD students of the department and faculty research programme. It features a binocular microscope attached with laptop system for imaging, a deep freezer for storing the chemicals and molecular mixtures, laminar air flow chamber, PCR machine, gel electrophoresis unit etc. The lab is well spaced for carrying out the laboratory observations and experiments during practical classes and research work.


The facilities in the two laboratories include:
Sl. NoEquipment Quantity
1Distillation unit 2
2Mixer grinder1
3pH meter microprocessor based 1
4Seed sample display unit 3
5Boerner Seed divider1
6Hot air oven 1
7Compound Microscope 25
8Compound microscope 10
9Dissection microscope 32
10Laminar Air flow chamber 1
11Digital Grain/seed moisture meter2
12Seed germinator 1
13Refrigerator 2
14Digital Trinocular Microscope with image processing system and digital camera &Lap Top PC for Camera Interfacing1
15Digital electronic precision weighing balance1
16-200C freezer2
17PCR machine1
18Gel electrophoresis unit1
19Digital Electrical conductivity meter1

Digital Binocular Microscope with Image processing system -Digital Camera & Laptop PC for Camera Interfacing

The KX i2000 binocular microscope of Labovision is made of infinity optical system with wide field, high quality anti fungus mould treated eye pieces and objective lens. Thus, it is an important tool for studying plant structure and anatomy.

Digital Grain/seed moisture meter

Moisture meters are powerful and versatile instrument for measuring and diagnosing of moisture contents in various substrates. Duvcon digital moisture meter is designed on the scientific principle that the electrical conductivity of a moist grain is directly proportionate to the amount of moisture contained in it. A built in thermometer and a corelator dial compensate for conductivity and temperature variations. It is used for various food grains, oil seeds, vegetable seeds etc

Seed grain divider (Boerner type)

Seed grain divider is mainly used for local grain inspection used for dividing seed sample into two halves. The Boerner divider is operated mechanically and on gravity principle.

-200C   Deep Freezer


Other facilities

  • Collection of brinjal germplasm
  • Collection of traditional rice varieties
  • Net house for hybridisation work
  • Seed display unit
  • National accredited ‘Three star’ Hi-Tech Pepper nursery


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Padannakkad (P.O),
Kasaragod Dt. Kerala 671314