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1. Major contributions

  1. Ayar - Secondary and micronutrient mixture for banana

  2. Micronutrient solution,

  3. Nutrient stick

  4. Development of Pongamia oil soap for the pest management in vegetables

  5. Developed red ant technology for pest management in cashew



2. Ongoing Projects

  1. Identification and characterization of novel saline tolerant genetic resources/alleles from Traditional rice varieties of Kerala

  2. Establishment of a Seed gene bank unit and seed testing lab at CoA, Padannakkad focussing Northern Kerala Districts

  3. Role of nutrients in the management of viral disease complex in bittergourd and chilli

  4. Strengthening support for scientific agriculture in North Malabar

  5. Agri clinic based extension service in North Kerala districts at COA, Padnekkad

  6. Enhancing, Managing and Upgrading value chain in fruit crops

  7. Validation of Nutrient Stick- A complete customised fertiliser for peri-urban vegetable cultivation.

  8. Network project on development and evaluation of organic polymer based lime formulations and soil ameliorants for management of soil acidity and iron toxicity

  9. Reasearch on pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables

  10. Reasearch on pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables

  11. Network project on monitoring pesticide residues in or on vegetables and fruits in Cental and Northern districts of Kerala and obtaining NABL accreditation.

  12. Monitoring of pesticide residue in or on vegetables and fruits from GAP Clusters/Ecoshops in the Northern district of Kerala

  13. Potential Impact of Climate Change and Flood on Kerala Soils: Mitigation and Adaptive Strategies AEU 20 and 21

  14. Potential Impact of Climate Change and Flood on Kerala Soils: Mitigation and Adaptive Strategies AEU 11 and 15

  15. NHM Project on Model Nursery (Pepper)

  16. Development of homozygous inbred in coconut

  17. Hybrid seedlings and dwarf coconut seed production

  18. Neera and neera based products

  19. Multifaceted Development in coconut

  20. Analysis of inflorescence sap of coconut

  21. Length of growing period- climate based approach

  22. Quality planting materials – Banana and coconut

  23. Enhancing productivity of cowpea – mitigating water stress

  24. Fruit development and planting material – network project

  25. High temperature stress tolerance in rice

  26. Integrated management strategies for viral disease complex

  27. Soil loss estimation and monitoring – network project

  28. ICAR-Tribal sub plan Scheme

  29. State Horticulture Mission- Plant Health Clinic


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Padannakkad (P.O),
Kasaragod Dt. Kerala 671314