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Language Laboratory

A good command over language is imperative for effective communication. In order to enhance the linguistic skills and mastery, the establishment of a language lab has been initiated as part of in-sessional support.

Audio-visual resources that include interactive speaking videos, podcasts, and grammar animations that facilitate language learning are accessible from the computer lab. A remedial program is organised outside regular hours to bridge the language proficiency gap of those students who need extra help.  The Language lab is set in the Computer lab/ARIS cell of the college.

Main Objectives

  • The computer-aided language lab is directed towards providing an audio-visual learning experience to users.
  • The individualized learning experience establishes an affirmation of an important principle, which is the existence of the spoken language as distinct from the conventional written language for everyday context.
  • The lab is intended further to learn the use of English for formal and informal contexts.
  • The resources include a variety of self-instructional audio-visual modules that are learner friendly and focus on language acquisition ranging from beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. 
  • A range of podcasts intended to assist language learning are available that equip the users with better communication skills and refine the target language proficiency.
  • The facilities provided in the lab can be used for phonetic drill, practice in stress and intonation, analogy drill, question forms, listening to native speeches and dialogues.
  • The resources are designed to foster individual learning experiences that allow students to learn with flexibility and at their own pace.
  • The computer-aided learning for classrooms encompasses a natural and progressive learning method where students refine aural-oral skills intuitively while using and practicing the language. This methodology assists students to learn in an easy and entertaining way, cultivating their motivation for learning, and increasing language retention. 
  • The resources help to learn the idioms and expressions used in a variety of situations and develop communicative competence.
  • The learning aids can be used by pupils for the preparation of standardized English Language Tests.



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