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Central Instrumentation Lab

This laboratory has a facility for maintaining equipments like Spectro photometer, Flame photometer, Soxhlet apparatus, automatic Nitrogen estimation unit, pH meter, EC meter, Block digestion etc. This laboratory has a working space for soil analysis, plant analysis, manure and fertilizer analysis and carrying out PG research works.

Flame photometer is an equipment used in inorganic chemical analysis to determine the concentration of certain metal ions, among them sodium, potassium, lithium, and calcium

Flame Photometer

Automated solvent extraction for rapid, economic and safe estimation of soluble material in samples like food, feed, soil, polymers, textiles, paper, pulp, aromatic and medicinal plants, flower essence, etc

Automatic Nitrogen/Protein Estimation System
List of Equipments
Sl. NoEquipmentNo.
1pH meter2
2EC meter1
3Flame photometer1
4Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer1
6UV- VIS Spectrophotometer/Colorimeter2
7Muffle furnace2
8Hot plate2
9Kjelplus nitrogen distillation unit1
10Hot air oven2
12GC system1
13HPLC system1
14Rotary vacuum flash evaporator2
15Table top cooling centrifuge1
17Nitrogen Evaporator1
18Precision Top loading and Analytical Balances5
19Sonicator 1
20Deep freezer1
21Mechanical shaker1
22Vortex mixture &blender1
23Fume chamber for digestion1
24Distillation units3
25Soxhlet apparatus 1
26Ayar blending machine 1
27Compost blending machine1


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