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Human Medicinal Garden

Human garden is a symbolic garden constructed in the medicinal garden of Horticulture department. It is constructed in the form of a human body in which the body is divided into different blocks representing each organ. Each block consists of medicinal plants which are used in the treatment of various diseases of the organ in which the block represents. The medicinal plants used for the treatment of diseases of twelve body parts viz., 1. Hair 2. Brain 3. Eye, ear, nose, mouth 4. Skin 5. Heart 6. Lungs 7. Liver 8. Pancreas 9. Abdomen 10. Urinary tract and two general aspects viz.,11. Health  and 12. Cosmetics, are located on the same position of the body while the skin is represented by the two hands, health by left leg and cosmetics by right leg. 

Please brose through the attachment for details pertaining to the medicinal plants that may be used to treat ailments to the various parts of the human body.


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